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A couple of hometown friends, a passion for music and creativity, a spliff, some postings on internet, a cousin, a chinese bloke, drums, a bass, two guitars and this dude of which I just keep forgetting his name... and Eddy's Vinegar was born. It was the last week of May 2010 when vocalist Wiwi Ho decided he wanted to perform at his own graduation party a week later. One minor detail, he didn't have a band... Call it a small miracle (and I still don't know how) but he got the band together and pulled off a pretty decent performance. From that moment on, the lot knew they had something going on and decided to start writing their own material in September of that year. In March of 2011 the band went into the studio for the first time and recorded their EP/demo "Into the night". The kick-off of their tour took place 1st of June 2011 in Maloe Melo, Amsterdam, and with follow up gigs in the summer and autumn, they're bound to get their name out there.

With influences from e.g. britpop, indie, punkrock, rhythm & blues and ska. Eddy's Vinegar's tunes perhaps best fit the "indie rock" bill. Having a passion for a broad range of music (from classic to electro, but especially rock) the band always blends different styles to come up with a unique (though recognizable) sound.

The band consists of David Sampimon (who starts playing Hendrix out of nowhere at least once every bandpractice; guitar), Kasper Brandt (bass), Jelle Boterman (drums), Jorrit Schaap (guitar) and Wiwi Ho (vocals). They all live, eat, read, walk about, run around, cycle, sit, play, shout, jump, write, talk, shit, love, drink, sleep, watch southpark, watch californication, play mass effect, watch battle start galactica, watch kick ass, listen to kasabian, listen to arctic monkeys, listen to bloc party, listen to balthazar, listen to joy division, listen to foo fighters, listen to ac/dc, listen to hendrix, listen to lcd soundsystem, listen to justice, listen to daft punk, listen to red hot chili peppers and sit in the park, in Amsterdam.